As specialized in international business for electronics industry with 60 years of experience.


We handle high-quality electronic and chemical products from well-known manufacturers.
Customers are evaluating our over 60 years performance and its reliability. 
We do support your business meeting, negotiation, and translation in Chinese, English, and Spanish, offering those business services in business to business scene.

Oversea Network

World Wide

Since its foundation of Daiichi-Shoji in 1952 we have been establishing overseas network including three branches in Japan, five in China and East-Asia and one in South America to support business needs of clients.
And we have been providing services world-wide to our customers by established corporation system with business partners in various places.


What you need

We are offering more than ten thousand products and a wide range of electronic components, chemicals, measuring instruments, equipment tools from both domestic and overseas manufacturers.
Taking advantage of 60 years trading experience and overseas network, we can meet your all needs.



Not only exports from japan, we also trade three counties trading through Shanghai and Hong Kong branches.
As an exporter with long trading experiences, we are able to manage the challenging areas of trading such as dangerous substances and frozen products, guaranteeing you to manage the BEST logistic method to meet all business needs.


Low Cost

In current globalization and complexity of market all products face world-wide price competition.
With our “customer first” policy we are making great effort to offer BEST price to our customers.
Making full use of the global network, we will supply a various number of products at reasonable and reliable price.


Approaching To New Targets

It is always challenging to develop new market in overseas.
With 60 years of business experience and network we could investigate all information to support your business in overseas.
In the process to establish business relationships, we have been improving marketing skills.
We can introduce many companies in the world, also are able to support business development and research. Please feel free to contact us.